About the Campaign to Protect Accident Victims


The Campaign to Protect Accident Victims is brought to you by a group of personal injury law firms who meet with victims of vehicle accidents every day. We see firsthand the impact of injuries on real people’s lives, and the losses these victims suffer.

We represent parents who can no longer pick up their children, workers who can no longer do their jobs well, and once-active people who are in too much pain to engage in the recreational activities that made them healthy and happy.

As personal injury lawyers, our job is to help people access justice and receive fair compensation from insurance companies. Our work is necessary because the insurance system is designed to deliver big profits to corporate shareholders—by denying the legitimate claims of accident victims.

We know the negative impact a cap will have on future victims. It will take away their right to seek fair compensation.

The following firms have joined together to launch the Campaign to Protect Accident Victims: Roebothan McKay Marshall; O’Dea, Earle; Rogers, Rogers, Moyse; Morrow, Morrow & Crosbie; Russell Accident Law; Poole Althouse; Brothers Law; Robert Regular Law; Gittens and Associates; Adam Crocker.

We urge you to stand with us and say NO to the cap. Sign the Petition today or contact your MHA and let them know you are opposed to the cap.

Based on what people currently know, 69% of residents believe a cap will mean more profits for the insurance industry. 


62% of residents agree that a Cap will NOT lower premiums – 4x more than those who believe it will lower costs.


70% of residents agree the implementation of a Cap would take away a victim’s right to fair compensation; 43% strongly agree.